Train By Elisha Cooper, Train A night train a freight train a high speed train Racing across the country from coast to coast All aboard Climb aboard a red striped Commuter Train in the East Switch to a blue Passenger Train roll
  • Title: Train
  • Author: Elisha Cooper
  • ISBN: 9780545384957
  • Page: 303
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Train By Elisha Cooper, A night train, a freight train, a high speed train Racing across the country, from coast to coast All aboard Climb aboard a red striped Commuter Train in the East Switch to a blue Passenger Train rolling through midwestern farmland Then hop on a Freight Train, soar over mountains on an Overnight Train, and finish on a High Speed Train as it races to the West Coast.TraiA night train, a freight train, a high speed train Racing across the country, from coast to coast All aboard Climb aboard a red striped Commuter Train in the East Switch to a blue Passenger Train rolling through midwestern farmland Then hop on a Freight Train, soar over mountains on an Overnight Train, and finish on a High Speed Train as it races to the West Coast.Trains are moving Fast and loud, colorful and powerful Experience their sights, sounds, smells and the engineers and conductors who make them go as they roll across the country.
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      Elisha Cooper Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Train book, this is one of the most wanted Elisha Cooper author readers around the world.

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    1. Read for Librarian Book GroupBefore the Librarian Book Group, I would have found this book very adequate But now I m pickier In this book we travel across the country on different trains commuter rail, passenger train, freight train, overnight train, and high speed train.My first problem was that there were recognizable details in the book Chicago, for instance and yet a refusal to name the towns Also, I feel uncomfortable if I can t identify the time period and until we got to the high speed tr [...]

    2. I was a bit underwhelmed by this one, and I believe my son felt the same It looked promising, in fact I really loved the cover, and it contains a lot of information about the workings traveling of a train But for some reason my son didn t really feel like dwelling on that, so we sort of rushed through the book for once And, I m not quite sure what it was about it that didn t grab us Maybe the pictures just felt bland They re fine, don t get me wrong I still think the cover is amazing , just a ta [...]

    3. The soft watercolor and pencil illustrations lovingly depict various types of trains as they move from one side of the country to the other Readers will enjoy traveling along with Commuter Trains and Passenger Trains, each with their own distinct appearance and function As the trains head west, their passengers may see a Freight Train, an Overnight Train, and a High Speed Train as well as some lovely scenery outside the trains windows While I loved the artwork and the detail lavished on the pass [...]

    4. Elisha Cooper s watercolor and pencil illustrations are stunning Combine these with his sensory text and you have a masterpiece he has captured the essence of trains, the sights, sounds and smells, perfectly.My full review bit 1eMudMS

    5. A surprisingly quite, almost serene, tribute to train travel Perfect for train aficionados, young and old.

    6. This book differed from a lot of train books we ve been reading because it s a bit about a cross country journey less about a train itself although there is still a good amount of explanation As an adult, I really enjoyed the breakdown of different parts of a long train trip, but it would probably be better to revisit with older 2 yrs kids.

    7. I really enjoyed this book It gave a lot of different facts about trains It would be a great book to read if students are interested about how trains work This book had beautiful illustrations and was filled with fun facts about trains I would recommend this book for an upper elementary classroom.

    8. Loved this story, that seamlessly transitions from talking about one type of train to another and has great illustrations to boot.

    9. A very well thought out book on trains I loved paintings, lots of little details Very comprehensive book I can spend good 20 min with my son going through all the details.

    10. Richie s Picks TRAIN by Elisha Cooper, Orchard, September 2013, 40p ISBN 978 0 545 38495 7 One day the engineer wanted a bite to eatHe left the monkey sitting in the driver s seatThe monkey pulled the throttle, the locomotion jumped the gunDoing 90 miles an hour down the main line run Jesse Fuller, The Monkey and the Engineer 1961 As the commuter train waits, another train roars past on another track A larger train A bright blue Passenger Train hurrying between cities The train is late soup in t [...]

    11. Join the trains as they cross the United States in this fast moving picture book Start on the platform with the conductors and passengers Then the doors whoosh shut and All aboard and we are off First the train is near the city, then it s quickly out into the countryside The Commuter Train stops at the next station Then the story switches to a Passenger Train with an enormous engine and readers get to see inside the engineer s cab with all of the levers The train crosses the countryside and then [...]

    12. This book is talking about a train in a journey Namely, it is about what happened inside the train, out side the train, around the train, and what the train has been through Since it departed from the station, the train has been to a lot of places This train looked at the outside world using its own eyes For example, the train saw sky, mountains, animals, rail roads, people, other trains and stations It had been through a really beautiful journey I really like this book since this book used the [...]

    13. I told a co worker that I loved this book so much that I was going to marry it I never would have thought it would be possible to love a book of trains so much.The book begins as a Commuter Train gets ready to leave the station and continues as a Passenger Train, crossing a valley of fields and steeples As the train approaches the city, it becomes a Freight Train, filled with steel, concrete, oil, wheat, corn and timber The Freight Train crosses the country, rolling past wheat and prairie grasse [...]

    14. TrainElisha CooperOrchard2013This review is also posted on Get Kids to Read mrtierneyslibrary Train by Elisha Cooper is a great picture book to add to collections for children The title Train is enough to entice most boys to be interested, of whom the text is appropriate The text is simple, and there are not too many words per page This might be a good pick for a child in first grade who wants to try to read on their own, and is very into trains.On each page the story tells of the different type [...]

    15. Travel by train in this book full of watercolor and pencil illustrations that detail everything about the journey I loved all the private views the reader is treated to that a passenger might miss out on like what it looks like from the engineer s perspective My favorite portions of the journey were the dining and sleeping cars Travel by train just seems so much romantic than travel by many other means The romanticism of it all is very palpable here and yet the book does a great job of using th [...]

    16. So this is about a GREAT THING that I always just FORGET about until we re gonna GO someplace in one, and that s the TRAIN And that thing comes to Waterbury every day and you know what If you REALLY wanna see it, you need to go to White River Junction, because they have a LOT of old trains there And those ones go to New York and Philadelphia to see MIMI I bet there s one that goes to Boston but we haven t been on that one yet.And we never went on the one in this book either It goes all the way t [...]

    17. Train is an interesting children s book as there isn t really much of a story, but rather an explanation As the title goes, the explanation is about the journey of a train and all the places it goes and what the people on it do and see It s interesting in a time where trains aren t really used as much for transportation of people, so it s a bit refreshing to see something like this for children.What s neat about Train is how the illustrator added in real life places like Chicago and New York Cit [...]

    18. This book takes a look at the variety of different types of trains that criss cross the United States on a daily basis In fact, the book travels geographically from the east coast to the west coast I think it s that variety that I enjoyed the most I didn t realize there were so many different types of trains available It was fun to see the environments that the trains travel through including train stations, farmland, and cities I also liked how the author illustrator used both his imagination a [...]

    19. I m a fan of Elisha Cooper s picture books I love the quiet rhythm to them With a book like Locomotive getting so much attention and which I also enjoyed I m a Floca fan, too , I was curious to see if this book would hold up.My kids actually liked this book better than Locomotive But the two books are hard to compare Cooper gives us a panoramic look at all different kinds of trains as they criss cross their way across the country Great perspective in the art, good onomatopoeia in the text, and l [...]

    20. I picked this up immediately when I saw it at the library, for my son It starts out with a commuter train, which goes from the small towns to the big city, then switches to a passenger train that goes longer distances From there, we see a freight train with an incredibly long line of attached freight cars containing things like steel, oil and wheat Next is the Overnight Train with its sleeping berths and tiny bathrooms, and finally the High Speed Train I loved the illustrations of all the differ [...]

    21. My 2nd graders and I are using Train as one of our contenders in our Mock Caldecott this year I selected it based on several different mentions on various librarian blogs While students decided the illustrations weren t bad, their opinion on the story wasn t nearly as positive One student bravely used the word boring while the rest of the students gasped at his transparency I think they were worried that I would be offended which I wasn t After I gave him verbal clearance to explain further, stu [...]

    22. This book is gorgeous Magical It s a treasure for train lovers Elisha Cooper makes wonderful use of the landscape orientation of the pages, with lots of broad, sweeping panoramas of trains crossing through American countryside and cityscapes I love the interior shots of the trains too, with all the passengers engaged in their own unique activities This is a book for an adult and child to pore over together and talk about The color palette Cooper uses is exquisite, too, with a rhythm of repeated [...]

    23. a little too much text for my 2 year old to stay interested in I liked the illustrations, but they weren t as bright as the ones my little one usually likes It was neat learning all about the different trains and railcars Definitely good for a train enthusiast, just maybe a little older or with longer attention span.updated reading this to my now 3 year old it s definitely better I love how it goes seamlessly from one kind of train to another and shows lots of aspects of train travel Illustratio [...]

    24. 3.5 There s a lot to the train than choo choo.I saw this while riffling through the children s book section at our library and thought of course it was just the thing for The Boy 2.5 , and then it turned out that it was but also wasn t It has lots of trains and plenty to look at throughout its various soft watercolor illustrations, but also lots of words and lots of detail that he s just not interested in yet We like to skim it and look at the pictures and wonder at the abrupt ending, not unlik [...]

    25. This is another perfect book for little kids This book will definitely help them with all of their curiosity and questions about trains In the book, it talks about all the different types of trains and what they do In the back, it has in depth descriptors This book doesn t have too many words on a page, so any kid who can somewhat grasp what is being read to them and I would keep this book for reading at home Their are great illustrations to go along with the reading, so if it was read one on o [...]

    26. Caldecott Nominee 2014 I have a soft spot in my heart for books about trains I love trains I always have Freight Train was my favorite book when I was tiny This one is like a newer version of the same, hence the four star rating Others may not like it quite so muchunless they are in love with trains, too It s a good read aloud story and it carries the listeners swiftly from page to page with excellent descriptions, especially of smells in various places very creative ideas for describing combina [...]

    27. My four year old son loved this book, and it inspired his play the rest of the afternoon We were able to talk about different kinds of trains and different parts of the country reminiscing about past trips we have taken for example to the Rocky Mountains, or to farm country in the midwest i consider any book that inspires his play and encourages educational conversations to be well worth the while

    28. It s a nice introduction to various trains for young readers At times it was a bit confusing jumping from one type of train to the next, but a young child might like this variety Elisha Cooper tried to capture a variety of different trains from across the country, mixing facts and fantasy This book might awaken a sense of adventure in a young boy or girl It reminds me of the many train rides I took during my childhood in Germany.

    29. Good introduction to trains and the transition from one type of train to another was well done I liked the story format, although kids who really want train information will probably want something else Kids who love trains will wish for clearly detailed illustrations of, for example, the engineer s control board of the passenger train.

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